Independent arranger

Wallich & Matthes is a well-established Amsterdam broking firm that occupies an extraordinary position. As a standard-setting independent arranger with a worldwide network, you can regard us as your key to the international money and capital markets.

We facilitate fixed-income structured cash flows from 1 day to 30 years. We supply authoritative media with up-to-date data for their daily money market publications.

Discretion and integrity
Wallich & Matthes fulfils the role of an agent with the discretion and integrity that has been our hallmark since 1879. The services provided by Wallich & Matthes to professional parties therefore rely heavily on trusted personal relationships.

As a treasurer, you will be conducting business with a regular, experienced account manager, who will run everything precisely as agreed: before,during and after the transaction. Wallich & Matthes is a member of the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI) and operates under the supervision of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and De Nederlandsche Bank.

Optimum terms
If your policy demands liquidity, Wallich & Matthes will seek out the optimum terms for you. The public sector often has to make major investments for implementing policy. Local authorities are obliged to create financial scope for housing, hospitals seek to generate liquidity to expand care facilities, and universities invest in knowledge and knowledge transfer.

Wallich & Matthes creates these opportunities and offers you the comfort that you are acquiring capital at a market price, from a solid and reliable counterparty.

Important market participants
A growing number of companies have a need to complement their contacts with merchant banks by working directly with end-investors. This cooperation may involve utilizing liquidity, finding opportunities for investments, covering deficits ,or mortgage loans.

Wallich & Matthes arranges contracts with important market participants for companies in numerous sectors. As a result, a car manufacturer may be able to install a new assembly line, a printing works may acquire a new press, or a housing corporation may move into new premises.

Market knowledge
Wallich & Matthes is familiar with the financial market and how it operates within the framework of different applicable legislation such as the Decentralized Public Authorities (Funding) Act (Wet Fido), European tendering legislation and the rules on funding in the social housing sector, public health and education.

Extensive contacts with organizations such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health, the guarantee funds for the health care sector (WFZ) and social housing (WSW), and the Dutch Health Authority (NZA), allows us to keep this knowledge permanently up-to-date.