Wallich & Matthes is supervised by the “Autoriteit Financiele Markten” (AFM) and “De Nederlandse Bank” (DNB) and complies with the principles and regulations of a controlled remuneration policy as imposed by the Supervising Authorities and the laws in the Netherlands.

The remuneration policy of Wallich & Matthes aims to ensure the integrity and stability of the company with a long-term focus. The remuneration policy also aims to risk management, to protect the interests of clients and investors during the course of service rendered, as well as to ensure that Wallich & Matthes is able to attract and retain highly qualified staff.

The remuneration policy of Wallich & Matthes applies to all employees. The remuneration compromises elements of fixed and variable components. Wallich & Matthes principal remuneration strategy for fixed remuneration is to align the salary levels with comparable industry positions, taking into account items such as educational levels, experience level, specific knowledge and job requirements and responsibilities.

The criteria in determining the variable remuneration are based on both quantitative and qualitative parameters. The qualitative parameters are for example risk awareness, integrity and working attitude of the employee.

The Board of Directors of Wallich & Matthes is responsible for a careful and controlled set-up, implementation and evaluation of the remuneration policy under the supervision of the Supervisory Board.